Organisational Structure


NAWASA is divided into organisational departments/units as follows:

Office of the General Manager

    Communications Unit

    • Identification of Public Relations & Communications opportunities and challenges and recommendation of action
    • Management and implementation of approved approaches and policies - internally and externally

    Legal Unit

    • Responsible for the management of the legal affairs of NAWASA, inclusive of debt collection, lease and sale transactions, civil litigation
    • Advise management and the Board of Directors on matters of corporate and legal responsibility and provide legal opinions

    Information Systems Unit

    Responsible for the strategic and operational management of NAWASA's information and technology needs, including the implementation and integration of system and technology initiatives necessary to achieve organizational goals.

    The areas of responsibilities include:

    • Information Systems ‐ designing, documenting, maintaining, evaluating, supporting, implementing and providing problem resolution for information systems applications.
    • Computer and Network Systems ‐ planning, designing, implementing, analysing and reviewing Computer and Network Systems.
    • Documentation Centre and Archives ‐ capturing, storing, classifying, indexing, versioning, maintaining, securing, retaining and retrieval of documents and records.

    Human Resources Department

      • Appointment and placement of staff
      • Employment compensation and benefits
      • Training and staff development
      • Industrial relations and labour law

      Transmission and Distribution Department

        • Operation and maintenance of the transmission and distribution network
        • Water truck delivery
        • Leak detection
        • Task force (after hours response)
        • Masonry activity
        • Meter installation, testing and repair

        Production and Quality Department

          • The production of Water from all sources of supply (surface and groundwater)
          • The operation and maintenance of the two municipal wastewater systems (Grand Anse and St. George town)
          • Pump/electromechanical support
          • Quality control/laboratory
          • Grounds maintenance staff

          Planning and Development Department

            • Planning, design and construction of all capital works
            • Land surveying / mapping / Geographic Information System (GIS) of the Authority’s infrastructure
            • Water Resources - data collection and monitoring of selected raw water sources

            Finance Department

              • Accounting – accounts receivables, accounts payables, purchasing and stores / inventory
              • Customer Services – deals with the receipt, management and solution of customer problems
              • Commercial Unit – deals with billing including meter readings, asset protection and financial management/customers’ accounts.

              NAWASA has a staff compliment of 233 employees which consist of both permanent and contracted workers.