Terms & Conditions for the Supply of Water

  1. Restrictions in Service: There may be a restriction in service where there is a deficiency in the source of supply owing to a drought, or any contingency affecting any supply works or machinery, or to any interruption caused by repairs, accident or other cause.
  2. The above mentioned restrictions in service do not:
    1. Impose any liability on the Authority by reason of the reduction or temporary, discontinuance of the water supply;
    2. Affect the liability of owner to pay all the proper rates, charges or fees.
  3. All efforts will be made to ensure that bills are issued and received by Customers; however the non-receipt of bills does not exempt a Customer from the obligation to pay the amount due and owing.
  4. Failure to pay bills within thirty (30) days of the due date makes the service liable for disconnection.
  5. The Customer is responsible for such charges as determined by NAWASA for:
    1. the installation of the meter
    2. the relocation of the meter at the request of the Customer
    3. the replacement of the meter by a larger or smaller meter required by reason of any increase or decrease in the consumption of water and for any works required.
  6. Irrespective of clause 5 herein the Authority may at its own expense resite the meter and chamber in order to conform to the Authority’s policies and regulations.
  7. The Customer shall grant to authorised officers of the Authority permission to enter any premises at reasonable times for the purpose of carrying out all such works as are referred to in section 5 above, provided that twenty – four (24) hours’ notice of the intended entry has been given to the Customer.
  8. The meter shall remain the property of the Authority and shall not be removed or in any way disturbed, tampered or interfered with, except by an authorised officer of the Authority.
  9. Any question as to the accuracy of the meter shall be determined as prescribed by the NAWASA Act of 1990.
  10. For charging purposes, a meter is considered to be accurate unless the degree of error in recording exceeds 5%.
  11. The Authority is responsible for the repair, maintenance and replacement of the pipes and fittings up to the point of sale, which is the meter. The Customer is responsible for the repairs, maintenance and replacement of his water supply pipe and fittings from the property to the meter.
  12. Customers are reminded that they are liable for the cost of all water recorded by the meter and are therefore strongly advised to make frequent reads to detect hidden leakage or high consumption.
  13. Requests for changes in account details must be confirmed by the Customer in writing.
  14. All Application forms must be accompanied by a copy of the title deed, lease, declaration or any supporting document that will indicate ownership or capacity to authorise the service connection.
  15. The application by a Tenant, licensee or other non- owner occupant must be accompanied by a copy of the lease and written permission from the landlord/ landowner. This permission document must be signed and such signature must be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace or Notary Public. A deposit would be required in these circumstances.
  16. Boundary marks must be established before any service connection is installed.
  17. Where a Landlord requires that a tenant’s name and or mailing address be added to the account information, the request must be made in writing and signed by the Landlord. Written requests must also be submitted by the Landlord in order to remove the Tenant’s information from the account.
  18. An application form would not be processed if the form is incomplete or the relevant documents are not provided.
  19. NAWASA would not be in any way responsible for the removal of any pipes existing on the property irrespective the origins of the said pipes.
  20. A 10% cancellation fee of any payment made with respect to service connection is applicable on any refund when the applicant changes his mind about the service.
  21. Any property for which a connection already exists shall not receive a new service; instead a reconnection/ reinstatement of the service would be applicable.
  22. Any pipes provided by the applicant as requested must be available prior to the installation for the connection service.
  23. Applications submitted for commercial activities must be affixed with the company stamp and must be made in the Registered Business Name or Company Name and a copy of the registration documents or certificate of incorporation must be provided.
  24. Where the meter is damaged by the Customer the said Customer would be responsible for its replacement at a cost to be determined by the Authority.
  25. In accordance with the provisions of the National Water and Sewerage Authority Act please be advised that it is illegal to connect any pipe line before the meter, Any such occurrence will be subject to criminal prosecution.