NAWASA utilizes two (2) types of water meters. The type of meter is determined by its unit of measurement.

  • Imperial Gallons Meter: The imperial gallons meter, as its name suggests, measures consumption in gallons. The imperial gallon meters can be identified by "imp. gallons" shown on the face of the meter.
  • Cubic Meter: The cubic meter measures water consumption in litres and has "m3" on the face of the meter.

Reading Your Meter

Record all digits on the left side of the meter. These digits are usually either in "black" or "white".
Subtract the previous meter reading from the current reading to obtain your consumption for the current period.

Calculating your bill

For calculating your bill, you will need:

  • Your previous meter read
  • Your current meter read

For the purpose of billing, all consumption must be converted to gallons, as NAWASA generates all bills in that unit. Therefore, there must be a conversion from cubic meter to gallons at a rate of 220 imperial. gallons to 1 cubic meter.

Using an example, the calculation of a monthly NAWASA bill is illustrated below:

Previous Read: 40
Current Read: 62

NB: This reading (22 units) is equivalent to a monthly consumption of 4,840 gallons

For a domestic customer the bill for the month is calculated as follows:


For a non-domestic customer with the same consumption (4,840 gals.), the monthly bill is calculated as follows: