Payment Plans

Customers are billed on a monthly basis and the Authority makes all effort to ensure that each customer is billed.

Please note that non-receipt of a monthly bill does not relieve the customer's liability for the monthly charges. Therefore, if at any month a bill is not received, customers are advised to call or visit our Customer Services Unit at any of our branches to obtain their bill balances. It is important to ensure that during such call or visit, customers are aware of the Account Number and/or name of the account holder.

All bills are due for payment within thirty (30) days from the bill date, after which period, the service is liable for disconnection. Once disconnected, reconnection of service will not be effected until full payment of all outstanding arrears and the reconnection fee. Also, reconnection cannot be guaranteed within 48 hours after payment.

A Plan to meet every Need

In recognition of the economic hardships, NAWASA is committed to assist customers by affording them reasonable and affordable plans for its services:

1. One Stop Plan

This plan is developed for new service connections, as follows:

  • Customer applies for water connection
  • NAWASA prepares the estimate for the connection
  • NAWASA provides all material, labor & transportation for the connection
  • NAWASA makes the connection in the shortest possible time
  • CUSTOMER pays cash, or if eligible, gets a credit arrangement to pay in installments
  • Credit is given on easy terms and tailored to suit the customer's needs.

2. Easy Payment Plan

This plan is extended to customers who are eligible for disconnection

  • Customers can sign a payment agreement enabling them to pay past water consumption (arrears) by installments rather than allowing disconnection of their services
  • Financial ability to pay is taken into consideration

Payment Methods and Location

Payments can be made in cash or by cheques at the following locations island wide:

  • NAWASA's Cash Offices at Carenage, Grenville and Gouyave
  • Grenada Co-operative Bank - Grenville, Sauteurs, St. George's and Carriacou
  • Scotia Bank – Online Banking
  • Cheques Boxes – NAWASA's Main Office, Grenville Sub Office and Dusty Highway Office
  • Republic Bank – Online banking, Telebanking and ATM payments
  • CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank - Online banking, Telebanking
  • River Sallee Credit Union, St. Patrick
  • Western Union - Bill Express – All branches