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How do I apply for a new connection?

Customer needs to fill out application for new service connection. For more information, review Requirements for Private Water Service and Terms and Conditions for Water Service.

What is the cost of a new connection?

The total cost of a new connection is comprised of two aspects:

  1. Connection Cost as follows:
    1. Connection to ½” main - $ 75.00
    2. Connection to ¾” main - $ 125.00
    3. Connection to 1” main - $ 175.00
    4. Connection to 1 ¼”, 1 ½” and 2” main - $ 420.00
    5. Connection to 4” main - $ 1000.00
  2. Other (Variable) Costs
    • Transportation, Pipes & fittings, VAT

Therefore, an estimate of all costs must be prepared to determine the total cost of a connection.

How long does it take NAWASA to install a new service?

As per our customer service charter, a new service should be installed within 10 working days after payment of connection fee.

How may a customer request changes to account name or billing/mailing address?

To change an account name, the customer needs to fill out the application for change of name form and provide at least one of the following documents:

  • Title Deed/Conveyance
  • Death Certificate
  • Letter from Lawyer
  • Will
  • Court Judgement

To change the billing/mailing address, the customer needs to fill out the "Change of Mailing Address Form"

NB: For all account changes, customers need to provide a valid picture I.D.

What does it mean if I have been paying my bills, however my bill shows arrears?

This may mean that your current bill may have already been issued, prior to payment of your previous bill.

I require a new connection; however I do not own the property. Can I still receive a connection to that property, in my name?

Certainly. However, the applicant must provide written permission from the property owner along with the owner's I.D. permitting NAWASA to effect the connection on the property. Additionally, the applicant must be willing to pay a security deposit of $240 (Domestic), $340 (Commercial) or $2,000 (Projects). This deposit is refundable under two circumstances:

  1. applicant becomes the property owner and submits ownership documents
  2. Permanent termination of the service

My water consumption is too high, what could be the problem?

High consumption may be attributable to a number of factors, such as estimated bills, leaks, unsecured taps which are easily accessible or a faulty meter. To determine whether the property has a leak, the customer must make sure that all taps are turned off, and then monitor the meter dial. A revolving meter indicates the presence of a leak. If there is no leak, contact Customer Services Department at any of our branches.

How are estimated bills calculated?

Estimated bills are calculated using an average of the customer's last three months' consumption.

Under what circumstances does NAWASA effect disconnection of water service?

  • At the request of the customer.
  • For non-payment of arrears
  • For wastage or abuse
  • Illegal tampering of meters and other fittings

What are the procedures for requesting disconnection?

Request for disconnection of service must be either made in writing or at the office by filling out a "Request for disconnection" form. Such request can only be made by the owner of the account or duly authorized person (as per authorization documents). Valid Identification required.

What is the minimum balance for which a customer can be disconnected?

A customer is liable for disconnection for a minimum of $50.00, once that balance represents an amount which is at least 30 days in arrears.

After payment of a reconnection fee, how long does it take to reconnect a service?

Reconnection of service is not guaranteed within 48 hours after payment of the reconnection fee.