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What factors of production are utilized at NAWASA?

  • Water
  • Human Resource
  • Capital
  • Transportation
  • Technology

What type of production is NAWASA involved in?

Portable drinking water.

What type of business does NAWASA operate?

The National Water & Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) is a Public utility (operates as a Statutory body) - With a monopoly on the production and distribution of portable water and the collection and disposal of sewerage. Within the framework of its operation The National Water & Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) has a responsibility to provide a service to deprive communities and institutions to meet their need for water supply.

How does products reaches consumers?

  • Through the pipeline
  • Water Tanker

What are the marketing activities undertaken by this firm?

There is an absent of marketing because of our monopoly, However, The National Water & Sewerage Authority through its Communication Unit organize programs to sensitize the public to conserve water.

How are goods stored?

Water is stored mainly in Storage Reservoir that is the final storage before distribution to consumers however; other means of storage are dams and sedimentation tanks.

How many out-lets does NAWASA have for distribution?

Thirty (30) outlets included are surface water treatment plants boreholes and desalination plants.

What type of transportation does The National Water & Sewerage Authority utilize?

Water transportation is mainly through the pipeline, however water tanker is also use to transport water.  Other transportation used is mostly pickup vans to transport crew and tools, backhoes and trucks.

Is NAWASA insured?

Yes it is NAWASA’s policy that all assets are insured for example, Public and Private Liabilities, Group Health and workmen compensation for workers also National Insurance Scheme and Motor Vehicle Fleet.

Is the business profitable?

Yes, modest profit are made annually but NAWASA objective is not profit but to provide adequate reliable water and safely dispose waste water at a reasonable cost in keeping with its Mission Statement.

Why did NAWASA adopt this type of organizational structure?

The structure is deemed appropriate based on the operations involve in providing the products and services:  Engineering Department, Human Resource, and Finance.