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How does technology impact career in terms of Employment, unemployment, environmental, processing and security at NAWASA?

Technology impact career in terms:

Employment: Technology increases productivity, improve quality  and enhance works.

Unemployment: With technology employer tend to use less workers in most cases, they also tend to streamline the workforce requiring a more skilled and technical workforce

Environment: Technology create problem in some cases with regard to:

  • Deposit & emission
  • Displacement of workforce
  • Demand for rest and leisure increases


  • Increase risk of intuition and illegal activities
  • Becomes a pressing issue as need to balance confidentiality with working data easily available and accessible the use of password and incubation method becomes necessary

Processing: With technology the volume of data increases which increases and create a demand on the machineries therefore, from time to time there is a need for upgrade. Thus we are confronted with processors of more capacity but smaller in sizes

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