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Does the company have a special complaints service similar to Customer Services to deal with problems pertaining to their job at the Company?

There are procedures to be followed when dealing with problems pertaining to employees as stipulated in the union agreements. All complaints have to go through various stages it starts with the individual supervisor and ends with the Union or Labour Commissioner if it was not resolve internally.

 Is there a means or method (Provided by the company) to chart the progress of employees over a given period of time?

Yes: Performance Evaluation.

What part does the government play in the overall running , checking to see if NAWASA has proper Health, safety and welfare methods provided for its workers and customers as a whole?

NAWASA report to the Ministry of Health with regard to the quality of water given to consumers, moreover NAWASA is mandated by law ACT # 25 of 1990 to provide portable water to customers also by it mission statement which reads “To provide customer with a safe and adequate water supply safe disposal of waste water, in a viable and efficient manner that meet and exceed customer expectations, and ensure the development of our organization, communities and nation.

Additionally NAWASA follows the World Health Organization (WHO) Guideline in treating water.

Moreover, the Government undertakes projects in the form of installation of pipes for the increase distribution of water to customers through negotiating for grant from foreign Agencies.

Are there any incentive given to workers after a given period of time?


What are the strategies used to develop or improve employee’s performance?

  • Induction Training
  • On-The Job Training
  • Workshop
  • Seminar
  • Incentives/Recognition of academic achievement and good performance
  • Annual staff training and development Plan – This plan caters for training opportunities for all categories of staff conducted both locally, regionally and internationally enables workers to perform better by applying knowledge gained from the courses
  • Job rotation within departments and cross departments to provide exposure and a holistic view of NAWASA
  • Conducting of Job Evaluation and Salary Review Exercise with a view to bring improved levels of alignment, organizational efficiency and productivity to an operation by ensuring internal and external equity in job definition, recognition and reward
  • Encouragement of team work to generate more information in the form of more ideas and mind of work.
  • Promotion

Is there hazardous material (s) that could affect the workers health (on the job)?

  • Workers who have to work with hazardous material such as those required to treat water with chemicals are provided with the necessary protective clothing and special equipment to work with.
  • Secondly they are provided with free medical examination yearly

Are workers paid based on their performance or their academic qualification?

Workers are paid according to the job worth or their qualification and experience.