Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the system “equal work for equal ‘pay” applies?

For each job there is a salary/wages range and it does not specify male or female getting difference in pay.

What type of protection (security system) against robbery or breakage?

  • Security guards are place at NAWASA offices on a 24 hour bases.
  • Property are fenced and locked
  • Proper lighting facility are in placed
  • Cameras are in placed

What are some of the policies of NAWASA?

  1. Hurricane Procedures Manual
  2. Transport Policy
  3. National Water Policy of Grenada
  4. Revived Training Policy
  5. Policy on Water to Private Development
  6. Policy for Disposal of Vehicles
  7. Personnel Policies and Procedures Policy Document No. A-03 Code of Discipline
  8. Personnel Policies and Procedures Policy Document No. A-03 General Employee Responsibilities
  9. Policy with Regard to Connections without Permission
  10. Policy and Procedures for Community – Level Water Projects
  11. Public Relations Policy
  12. Travel Allowance Policy
  13. Schedule of Authorization limits Policy Document No. A – 01
  14. Revived Guidelines for Disconnection of Customers in Arrears

What does the word NAWASA means?

National Water & Sewerage Authority (NAWASA)

Where are NAWASA located and was the main office at a different location before?

The main office is located on the Carenage, but its facilities are spread throughout Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique. Some of the sub offices are Gouyave, Grenville, Sauteurs St. David’s and Grand Anse offices. The main office was always located on the Carenage, St. George’s.

Is NAWASA easily accessible to the consumers?

Yes. NAWASA's location is easily accessible to consumer for payment of rates. The cash office is located at the ground floor on the Carenage also all of the other sub offices where payment are made are located in the towns and are at the ground floor.

Approximately how many persons are employed at NAWASA?

The Authority has a complement of two hundred and thirty seven (237) employees on a permanent and contracted basis.

Who is the owner of NAWASA?

The Owner of NAWASA is the Government of Grenada.

 Who was the founder of NAWASA?

The founder of NAWASA is the Government of Grenada.