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What are the objectives of NAWASA? 

NAWASA objectives are:

  • To sustain a friendly and efficient working environment that attracts, retains and develops committed employees who share in the success of the Authority.
  • To plan for orderly growth in the economy, and the growing need of domestic, commercial and industrial consumers for water supply/waste water services.
  • To demonstrate concern for the community and the environment, through the promotion of sustainable development.
  • To ensure that NAWASA is meeting its operational costs and generating an operational surplus that is adequate to finance its capital replacement and upgrading program.
  • To ensure that NAWASA is capable of supplying all customers with a reliable, adequate and safe supply of water, and to meet the sewerage needs in designated priority areas.
  • To ensure that infrastructure, tools equipment and vehicles are available for use is appropriate for accomplishing NAWASA’s mission.
  • To ensure sustainable pool of trained and efficient human resources is available for the ongoing functioning of NAWASA
  • To attain complete regulatory compliance to the stipulated minimum water quality standards and service standards.
  • To provide a high quality customer experience that is comparable with international benchmarks and standards for the water sector.

Are there legal issues related to this business?

Yes. Legislative Act # 25 of 1990, refusal of consumers to pay their water and Sewerage Bill and a review of the Act.

What are the constraints that affect decision making process in NAWASA or the management issues identified?

Constraints that affect decision making process in NAWASA are as follows:

  • As a statutory entity incoherent coordination and communication between the Government and NAWASA as it relates to economic and social policies will affect strategy.
  • Inadequacies in current legislation are huge obstacles to financial viability.
  • As a statutory entity incoherent coordination and communication between the Government and NAWASA as it relates to Loss making projects are supported without any external subvention.

What are some functions of Management?

Some functions of Management includes

  • To recruit workers
  • To development the human resource through training and workshops
  • To help formulate policies of the organization
  • To manage the Authority’s finances
  • To plan various projects for all the departments
  • To design projects
  • To undertake agreement for capital projects.
  • To discipline workers

Give the different ways in which communications takes place in NAWASA?

There are a number of ways in which communication takes place in NAWASA

  • Through Memo/Memos
  • Meetings
  • Letters
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Telephones calls(Cellular & Fix Office/internal & external - intercom)
  • Bulletins
  • Notices
  • Verbal
  • News Letter