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How great is the demand for your product?

Above supply – inadequate supplied.

Water supply produced for customers use island wide

  • Daily = 7.0 Million Gallons Daily
  • Weekly =52 Million Gallons Weekly
  • Monthly = 218 Million Gallon Monthly
  • Yearly = 2,520 Million Gallon Yearly

Average water supply used per customer

  • Daily = 30 Gallons Daily
  • Weekly = 210 Gallons Weekly
  • Monthly =840 Gallon Monthly
  • Yearly = 10080 Gallon Yearly

Average water usage per family of four per month = 3600 gallons.

What is a Motto of NAWASA?

“Committed to Meeting Customers’ Needs”

Does NAWASA contribute to the development of Grenada?

Yes. In fact all economics activities in Grenada depend on water to function.  It is the main fuel that drives economic growth, some example of those sectors are Tourism, Construction, Agriculture both livestock and crop and Restaurant.   Additionally, The National Water & Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) employs a large portion of the labour force it plays a part in contributing to the GDP of Grenada.  Moreover, NAWASA in collaboration with the Government of Grenada to assist the under privilege persons by providing them with water connection and the Government pays the cost of connection and the water rates.

Give names of Borehole and the areas they served with water?

  • Chemin Valley: Part of Calivigny, Close Rock,Confer, Part of Old Westerhall, Egmont, Part of Marian
  • Woodlands:Woodlands, Golf Course, Woburn Reservoir
  • La Sagesse: Petit Esperance, La Sagesse. Malti,Corinth and Red Gate
  • Bacolet: Bacolet, Las Segesse, Westerhall, Fort Jeudy, Part of Calivigny, Parts of Old Westerhall

What are the functions of the various departments of NAWASA?


  • Collection and Disposal of Sewerage in designated areas
  • The Production and Treatment of water
  • Testing of water
  • Carrying out of analysis of water both chemical and bacteriological


  • For the safe keeping of personnel and other records
  • To assist with the recruitment process of worker and staff promotion
  • Development of the human resource through training and workshops
  • To help formulate policies of the organization
  • For Health & Safety issues of workers
  • To help enforce Disciplinary measures
  • To assist with the Performance evaluation/appraisal of staff
  • For staff welfare
  • Management of vacation leaves in order to permit orderly scheduling of workload.
  • For induction/orientation of new staff
  • Workers Welfare