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  • Objective:

    Achieve a sustainable improvement in the water supply systems of southern Grenada in terms of quality, quantity and reliability.

  • Scope:
    • It involved the rehabilitation of six (6) Treatment plants:
      • Annandale – St. George
      • Mardi Gras – St. George
      • Les Avocats – St. David
      • Windsor Forest – St. David
      • Petit Etang – St. David
      • Mamma Cannes – St. Andrew
    • The construction of 19,200m of four inch (4") and six inch (6″), in PVC, PE and Ductile Iron (DI).
    • The installation of 16,230m one and a half (1½") galvanized steel laterals. 
  • Project Duration: Project commenced in June 2009, on and was completed in Dec 2010.
  • Funding: The Project received funding from European Union under the 9th European Development Fund at a tune of € 5,003,502.03.