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What kind of safety measures are there in place for workers?

  • The provision of First Aid Kit to all offices
  • The provision of safety gear to workers e.g. Water Boots Steel Tip shoes, Gloves, Mast, Helmet, Overall
  • The provision of the right tools to workers
  • Provision of appropriate work station to staff
  • The provision of First Aid Training to staff
  • First Aid items distributed to various crews
  • The provision of Fire Extinguisher in strategic areas of the buildings
  • Worker Compensation (NIS)
  • Proper lighting on facility for night workers
  • Commercial Business Insurance, Motor Vehicles and Group Health Insurance

What Health and Safety practices are carried out within this organization?

  •  The use of safety gear for example Steel tip boots, Water boots and overall by some category of workers
  • First Aid Kit by crew working out in the field
  • Working with the right tool to avoid injury
  • Servicing to Motor Vehicle and equipment to make sure they are in proper working condition
  • Up to date insurance coverage
  • Security of property by fencing and the provision of lock and key
  • Security of property by provision of Security Officers

Are there any benefit provided by NAWASA for employees after service in business for a certain number of years?

Yes. NAWASA provide pension and service compensation as specified by the various Union representing the different categories of workers.

Is the joining of Labour Unions or any type of bargaining agent allowed?

Yes. NAWASA Workers are represented by two bargaining agent/labour unions: Public Workers Union and Grenada Technical & Allied Workers Union both Unions represent different categories of workers.

What about sick leave benefits for employees?

  • The sick leaves are taken care of by The National Insurance Scheme (NIS) based on the National Insurance Law and tion for expense incurred if workers get damaged on the job.
  • Medical certificate/s together with all bill incurred is required to be submitted for all sick leaves and expenses.
  • A medical Certificate is required to support any absence on sick leave in excess of two (2) consecutive days. No more than eight absences, per calendar year of up to two days each, due to sickness, shall be permitted by NAWASA without a medical certificate.

In case of reduction in work quality or employees cannot work because of health reason on injury on the job are they given some form of numeration payment?

Yes. Workers are paid according to the existing Union Agreement  also through NIS Compensation will be paid in accordance with the provisions of the Workmen’s compensation (Amendment) Law 1992 amended in 2010.

 Are there any benefits for children of employees?

  • Yes: Children of employees who are successful in Caribbean Exit exam usually get assistance in the form of stationery or monetary reward.
  • Children of employees also benefit from the company Group Health Plan where their name could be included on their parents plan and they stand to benefit from such plan.

If individual who have been trained, for instance as a Plumber etc. in a reputable College or similar institution come for employment with you company, would they still required undergoing further training with your company?

Yes. Companies have formality or standard in doing things anyone new employee at NAWASA although they have the basic as well as training in that field will have to undergo further training to be able to produce at a level which is acceptable by the company.