Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a new connection?

Customer needs to fill out application for new service connection. For more information, review Requirements for Private Water Service and Terms and Conditions for Water Service.

What is the cost of a new connection?

The total cost of a new connection is comprised of two aspects:

  1. Connection Cost as follows:
    1. Connection to ½” main - $ 75.00
    2. Connection to ¾” main - $ 125.00
    3. Connection to 1” main - $ 175.00
    4. Connection to 1 ¼”, 1 ½” and 2” main - $ 420.00
    5. Connection to 4” main - $ 1000.00
  2. Other (Variable) Costs
    • Transportation, Pipes & fittings, VAT

Therefore, an estimate of all costs must be prepared to determine the total cost of a connection.

How long does it take NAWASA to install a new service?

As per our customer service charter, a new service should be installed within 10 working days after payment of connection fee.

How may a customer request changes to account name or billing/mailing address?

To change an account name, the customer needs to fill out the application for change of name form and provide at least one of the following documents:

To change the billing/mailing address, the customer needs to fill out the "Change of Mailing Address Form"

NB: For all account changes, customers need to provide a valid picture I.D.

What does it mean if I have been paying my bills, however my bill shows arrears?

This may mean that your current bill may have already been issued, prior to payment of your previous bill.

I require a new connection; however I do not own the property. Can I still receive a connection to that property, in my name?

Certainly. However, the applicant must provide written permission from the property owner along with the owner's I.D. permitting NAWASA to effect the connection on the property. Additionally, the applicant must be willing to pay a security deposit of $240 (Domestic), $340 (Commercial) or $2,000 (Projects). This deposit is refundable under two circumstances:

  1. applicant becomes the property owner and submits ownership documents
  2. Permanent termination of the service

My water consumption is too high, what could be the problem?

High consumption may be attributable to a number of factors, such as estimated bills, leaks, unsecured taps which are easily accessible or a faulty meter. To determine whether the property has a leak, the customer must make sure that all taps are turned off, and then monitor the meter dial. A revolving meter indicates the presence of a leak. If there is no leak, contact Customer Services Department at any of our branches.

How are estimated bills calculated?

Estimated bills are calculated using an average of the customer's last three months' consumption.

Under what circumstances does NAWASA effect disconnection of water service?

What are the procedures for requesting disconnection?

Request for disconnection of service must be either made in writing or at the office by filling out a "Request for disconnection" form. Such request can only be made by the owner of the account or duly authorized person (as per authorization documents). Valid Identification required.

What is the minimum balance for which a customer can be disconnected?

A customer is liable for disconnection for a minimum of $50.00, once that balance represents an amount which is at least 30 days in arrears.

After payment of a reconnection fee, how long does it take to reconnect a service?

Reconnection of service is not guaranteed within 48 hours after payment of the reconnection fee.

What kind of safety measures are there in place for workers?

What Health and Safety practices are carried out within this organization?

Are there any benefit provided by NAWASA for employees after service in business for a certain number of years?

Yes. NAWASA provide pension and service compensation as specified by the various Union representing the different categories of workers.

Is the joining of Labour Unions or any type of bargaining agent allowed?

Yes. NAWASA Workers are represented by two bargaining agent/labour unions: Public Workers Union and Grenada Technical & Allied Workers Union both Unions represent different categories of workers.

What about sick leave benefits for employees?

In case of reduction in work quality or employees cannot work because of health reason on injury on the job are they given some form of numeration payment?

Yes. Workers are paid according to the existing Union Agreement  also through NIS Compensation will be paid in accordance with the provisions of the Workmen’s compensation (Amendment) Law 1992 amended in 2010.

 Are there any benefits for children of employees?

If individual who have been trained, for instance as a Plumber etc. in a reputable College or similar institution come for employment with you company, would they still required undergoing further training with your company?

Yes. Companies have formality or standard in doing things anyone new employee at NAWASA although they have the basic as well as training in that field will have to undergo further training to be able to produce at a level which is acceptable by the company.

Does the company have a special complaints service similar to Customer Services to deal with problems pertaining to their job at the Company?

There are procedures to be followed when dealing with problems pertaining to employees as stipulated in the union agreements. All complaints have to go through various stages it starts with the individual supervisor and ends with the Union or Labour Commissioner if it was not resolve internally.

 Is there a means or method (Provided by the company) to chart the progress of employees over a given period of time?

Yes: Performance Evaluation.

What part does the government play in the overall running , checking to see if NAWASA has proper Health, safety and welfare methods provided for its workers and customers as a whole?

NAWASA report to the Ministry of Health with regard to the quality of water given to consumers, moreover NAWASA is mandated by law ACT # 25 of 1990 to provide portable water to customers also by it mission statement which reads “To provide customer with a safe and adequate water supply safe disposal of waste water, in a viable and efficient manner that meet and exceed customer expectations, and ensure the development of our organization, communities and nation.

Additionally NAWASA follows the World Health Organization (WHO) Guideline in treating water.

Moreover, the Government undertakes projects in the form of installation of pipes for the increase distribution of water to customers through negotiating for grant from foreign Agencies.

Are there any incentive given to workers after a given period of time?


What are the strategies used to develop or improve employee’s performance?

Is there hazardous material (s) that could affect the workers health (on the job)?

Are workers paid based on their performance or their academic qualification?

Workers are paid according to the job worth or their qualification and experience.

Is the system “equal work for equal ‘pay” applies?

For each job there is a salary/wages range and it does not specify male or female getting difference in pay.

What type of protection (security system) against robbery or breakage?

What are some of the policies of NAWASA?

  1. Hurricane Procedures Manual
  2. Transport Policy
  3. National Water Policy of Grenada
  4. Revived Training Policy
  5. Policy on Water to Private Development
  6. Policy for Disposal of Vehicles
  7. Personnel Policies and Procedures Policy Document No. A-03 Code of Discipline
  8. Personnel Policies and Procedures Policy Document No. A-03 General Employee Responsibilities
  9. Policy with Regard to Connections without Permission
  10. Policy and Procedures for Community – Level Water Projects
  11. Public Relations Policy
  12. Travel Allowance Policy
  13. Schedule of Authorization limits Policy Document No. A – 01
  14. Revived Guidelines for Disconnection of Customers in Arrears

What does the word NAWASA means?

National Water & Sewerage Authority (NAWASA)

Where are NAWASA located and was the main office at a different location before?

The main office is located on the Carenage, but its facilities are spread throughout Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique. Some of the sub offices are Gouyave, Grenville, Sauteurs St. David’s and Grand Anse offices. The main office was always located on the Carenage, St. George’s.

Is NAWASA easily accessible to the consumers?

Yes. NAWASA's location is easily accessible to consumer for payment of rates. The cash office is located at the ground floor on the Carenage also all of the other sub offices where payment are made are located in the towns and are at the ground floor.

Approximately how many persons are employed at NAWASA?

The Authority has a complement of two hundred and thirty seven (237) employees on a permanent and contracted basis.

Who is the owner of NAWASA?

The Owner of NAWASA is the Government of Grenada.

 Who was the founder of NAWASA?

The founder of NAWASA is the Government of Grenada.

What are the objectives of NAWASA? 

NAWASA objectives are:

Are there legal issues related to this business?

Yes. Legislative Act # 25 of 1990, refusal of consumers to pay their water and Sewerage Bill and a review of the Act.

What are the constraints that affect decision making process in NAWASA or the management issues identified?

Constraints that affect decision making process in NAWASA are as follows:

What are some functions of Management?

Some functions of Management includes

Give the different ways in which communications takes place in NAWASA?

There are a number of ways in which communication takes place in NAWASA

Identify problems faced by NAWASA?

How quick is the response?

Action taken to reduce problem

What are some barriers of entry and exit into the portable water industry in Grenada that are protecting the firm?

The legislation of Grenada presently establishes that all water in the Tri-Island state is the property of NAWASA and therefore any other entity who wishes to exploit the potential portable water of Grenada will have to obtain a license from NAWASA or the Government of Grenada.

Is there a limit on the amount of water NAWASA can supply to the country per day/month/year?

Yes! This is due to the production capacity of the Water Treatment Plants.

With the introduction of another business same or similar to yours would the demand for your product be affected?

Yes the market share will decrease.

Do you have any queries by customers?

Yes. Some of the queries are estimated bills, high charges, high usages, query on adjustments.

How great is the demand for your product?

Above supply – inadequate supplied.

Water supply produced for customers use island wide

Average water supply used per customer

Average water usage per family of four per month = 3600 gallons.

What is a Motto of NAWASA?

“Committed to Meeting Customers’ Needs”

Does NAWASA contribute to the development of Grenada?

Yes. In fact all economics activities in Grenada depend on water to function.  It is the main fuel that drives economic growth, some example of those sectors are Tourism, Construction, Agriculture both livestock and crop and Restaurant.   Additionally, The National Water & Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) employs a large portion of the labour force it plays a part in contributing to the GDP of Grenada.  Moreover, NAWASA in collaboration with the Government of Grenada to assist the under privilege persons by providing them with water connection and the Government pays the cost of connection and the water rates.

Give names of Borehole and the areas they served with water?

What are the functions of the various departments of NAWASA?




What are the internal sources of finance for NAWASA?

Operational financing through water and sewer rate collection.

What are the external sources of finance for NAWASA?

Grants Concession, Loans

What are some of the factors that are taken into consideration when choosing alternative sources of finance?

Some Norms/Regulation/Codes

How is moral and ethical approaches dealt with in terms of legal policies on Health & Safety?

Moral and ethical considerations are addressed in terms of: Legal policies on safety, health and welfare and moral approaches to handle safety, health and welfare are adequately dealt with by the various union representing workers at NAWASA.

What are some of the problem faced with recruitment?

How is employee records maintained within the Human Resource Department?

How often training is done?


What are the different records kept in the Human Resource Department?

What method do you use to identify the Human Resources needs of your organization?

The Human Resource needs of NAWASA are identify through the following process.

What are the procedures used for recruitment after identifying the Human Resource needs?

The procedures used for recruitment after identifying the Human Resource needs are:

How is the selection process conducted to select candidates?

The selection process for recruiting workers is done through:

Who is responsible for conducting the selection process?

The selection process is done by a panel of interviewers.

What type of interview is used to select candidates?

Face to face engagements are used.

What are the attitudes and attributes do you look for when interviewing candidates?

What type of training is produced for the candidates?

Orientation/Induction: On the Job Training on the operations of the company which includes introduction and familiarization with:

How is training structured for the new recruit?

Is there an on-going training structured for the new recruit?

Yes. A Training Plan which identify structured training for the entire year in various areas.

What are the methods of assessment used to evaluate the performance of the recruits after training?

Give the type of Organizational Structure of NAWASA?

Board of Directors headed by a chairman  -> General Manager  -> Senior Managers, Managers   ->    Assistant Managers-> Supervisors->  Operational Staff.

Does the business employ the use of management information Unit? E.g. computer etc.

Yes in fact we have an Information System Unit.

What factors of production are utilized at NAWASA?

What type of production is NAWASA involved in?

Portable drinking water.

What type of business does NAWASA operate?

The National Water & Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) is a Public utility (operates as a Statutory body) - With a monopoly on the production and distribution of portable water and the collection and disposal of sewerage. Within the framework of its operation The National Water & Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) has a responsibility to provide a service to deprive communities and institutions to meet their need for water supply.

How does products reaches consumers?

What are the marketing activities undertaken by this firm?

There is an absent of marketing because of our monopoly, However, The National Water & Sewerage Authority through its Communication Unit organize programs to sensitize the public to conserve water.

How are goods stored?

Water is stored mainly in Storage Reservoir that is the final storage before distribution to consumers however; other means of storage are dams and sedimentation tanks.

How many out-lets does NAWASA have for distribution?

Thirty (30) outlets included are surface water treatment plants boreholes and desalination plants.

What type of transportation does The National Water & Sewerage Authority utilize?

Water transportation is mainly through the pipeline, however water tanker is also use to transport water.  Other transportation used is mostly pickup vans to transport crew and tools, backhoes and trucks.

Is NAWASA insured?

Yes it is NAWASA’s policy that all assets are insured for example, Public and Private Liabilities, Group Health and workmen compensation for workers also National Insurance Scheme and Motor Vehicle Fleet.

Is the business profitable?

Yes, modest profit are made annually but NAWASA objective is not profit but to provide adequate reliable water and safely dispose waste water at a reasonable cost in keeping with its Mission Statement.

Why did NAWASA adopt this type of organizational structure?

The structure is deemed appropriate based on the operations involve in providing the products and services:  Engineering Department, Human Resource, and Finance.

Are employees and managers provided with job description?

Yes they are provided with those documents.

Do employees sign employment contract?


What are the hours of work adopted by NAWASA?

What are the sources of capital?

What are some of the Careers available at NAWASA?

How does technology impact career in terms of Employment, unemployment, environmental, processing and security at NAWASA?

Technology impact career in terms:

Employment: Technology increases productivity, improve quality  and enhance works.

Unemployment: With technology employer tend to use less workers in most cases, they also tend to streamline the workforce requiring a more skilled and technical workforce

Environment: Technology create problem in some cases with regard to:


Processing: With technology the volume of data increases which increases and create a demand on the machineries therefore, from time to time there is a need for upgrade. Thus we are confronted with processors of more capacity but smaller in sizes

Where are the water sources and storage facilities?


What are the duties and responsibilities of a receptionist?

What are some studies done/assisted by former NAWASA workers?