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  • Objective:
    • To accommodate the additional demand for water with increasing population growth, thus improvement in standard
    • To reduce the inconvenience caused by lack of water during periods of heavy rainfall (increase turbidity) i.e. minimizing system downtime
    • To maintain adequate pressure during peak demand
    • To ensure quality standards as set out by World Health Organization (WHO) and the Grenada Water Quality Act of 2005.
    • To provide adequate supply for sustaining industrial and commercial development. Hence, assisting with long term planning for future water demand
  • Project Benefits:
    • Employment for approximately fifteen (15) residents in the community for a duration of four (4) months
    • Reduction of regular periods of water supply system downtime. Hence ,the enhancement of NAWASA relationship with the public
    • To provide a multiple barrier approach towards water treatment, thus reducing the bacteriological load and improving water quality
    • To provide at least one day's storage capacity
    • To reduce the threat of contamination and the spread of some waterborne diseases
  • Project Description:
    • Land acquisition in the amount of 8,000 sq. ft.
    • Excavate and lay foundation for two (2) reinforced concrete slow sand filters, 20,000 gals. reinforced concrete clearwell and operators' quarters
    • Construct filters, clearwell and operators' quarters as per design
    • Construct retaining wall to provide adequate slope stabilization as deemed necessary
    • Installation of 4" ø ductile iron pipes, fittings and appurtenances as network
    • Installation of 4" ø bulk meter and altitude valve
    • Fencing of the Water treatment compound using heavy gauge chain linked wire on metal poles with concrete bottom stabilizer
    • Installation of Chlorine dosing system
    • Installation of Chemical (Alum) dosing system
    • Construction of Concrete Rd. approx. 300ft to site
    • Provision of Electricity and lighting facilities